Susan: The new Art of Board Black & White Collection is made up of eight new tiles, each with its own black and white designed image. The design was derived from reclaimed skateboard decks that Imagine Tile describes as "street meets chic!"

Susan image 2.jpg

Susan: Where light meets art! Flos Architectural exhibits Michael Anastassiades' new collection, Arrangements a modular system composed of geometric lights that can be combined and interchanged in a variety of ways. Each light can be attached to the previous one, thus forming a chain of lights. 

Susan 3.png

Danielle: When my love for music and design join forces! Thanks to Archiproducts' wooden sideboard with built in speakers! Designed by Paolo Capello, the Caruso sideboard allows you to play music from your smartphone via its own App!

Danielle 2.png

Erika: I love products that are aesthetically pleasing as well as eco-friendly, which is why I love the chair charlie! This kid's chair is made up of 100% recycled plastic from children's toys, along with the rest of their products. EcoBirdy separates their plastic by color to ensure an original and unique look for each product, they also have their own school program to teach children about contributing to a sustainable future. 

Erika 2.jpg

Chylyse: This reception desk is located at the Morpheus Hotel in Macau. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the hotel along with the reception desk is an example of creativity and functionality combined into one design. Love the relationship between geometry, marble and light + Functionality and Purpose!

Chylyse 2.jpg

Debra: Fun swing! I love the scale and the simplicity, along with the leather and metal combination. The Equus swing by Lumifer is both beautiful as well as practical, and can be used in both an indoor or outdoor environment. 



Debra:  The Symbiosis by Desnahemisfera is a beautiful combination of function and form.  This stunning bathtub curves up on one side to a form a sink basin.  All of the plumbing fixtures are concealed withing the monolithic base making it stunning from all angles.  The tub also features touch controls for temperature and water pressure as well as built in bluetooth speakers.

Susan: Aqua Creations make some gorgeous sculptural light fixtures that are definite attention grabbers in a public space.  The new Zooid Collection is no exception.  Fractured forms come together to create dramatic shapes that have great movement.

Danielle: Guestroom technology is constantly trying to keep up with guest's needs and demands.  Soundwall is the next evolution in interactive guestroom technology.  These flat panel speakers already have some amazing features such as bluetooth capabilities for guests to stream their own music, integrated TV audio, WiFi amplification, and automatic nightlight sensors when guests get up during the night.  However more amazing features are still to come.  Soon guests will be able to speak to Soundwall and interact with hotel services such as room service and wake up calls, motion sensors will enable custom welcome greetings, and more.   All of this is concealed behind beautiful art panels that can be changed out and customized to fit the rooms evolving design scheme.

Julia: The new Brixx collection from Dedon was on display at BDWest this year and I absolutly fell in love with it.  This modular system has a retro color scheme and a playful silhouette.  The bolsters and backrests are conveniently movable but they are also weighted so they don't get blown away or easily knocked off by guests.  I was told that new colors and COM options are on the way, but for now this is a great addition to any outdoor space. 


Debra: The Brazilian Tiger Blue polished porcelain tile from Tile Bar is inspired by the unique exotic wood found in New Zealand obtained from trees that have fallen due to cataclysms and have remained underground for thousands of years. Available in matte and polished, the tile is suitable for both floor and wall applications.

Julia: Stellar Works just debuted their new Valet Dining Chair at BDNY and I cannot wait to find a place for in one of my projects. Designed by David Rockwell, it has a very industrial feel that reminds you of an old schoolhouse chair but seriously kicked up with amazing detailing and beautiful lines. It's like art... you can sit in! PS: It's not up on their website yet so here is a link to the rest of the equally amazing Valet collection.


Lindsay: The Hive Console by Arktura is both furniture and artwork! I love it's detailed design and the light and shadow play it creates. The powder coated steel table is intricate yet surprisingly strong and comes in 15 colors! Of course, the Sea Green is my favorite...


Julia: An amazing female engineer turned furniture designer making floating tables... definitely the formula for interior design excellence. Jessica Banks is pushing the boundaries of both design and physics with her innovative magnetic Float Tables. These tables are created by wooden blocks that appear to levitate through the use of magnets and steel cables. The table deforms and re-stabilizes when force is applied.... if ever there was a magic table, this is it! Check it out for yourself! 

Danielle: The Hanami pendant designed by Adriano Rachele for Slamp was inspired by flowering cherry blossoms. The LED fixture is made of Lentiflex. an unbreakable material whose luxurious transparency mimics a diamond but is versatile, highly durable, lightweight and easily cleanable

Lindsay: The Nanoleaf Aurora is a modular smart lighting panel system that can be operated with your smartphone, your voice, or the included controller. Each lightweight panel can be mounted to any flat surface (including walls, tables or ceilings) in any configuration. The Aurora light kit includes nine interlocking triangular lights and multiple kits can be combined for large scale light designs. The lights come with pre-set scenes such as 'awake' and relaxed' as seen below but options are limitless with the ability to create and save your own lighting palattes and animations. Anyone else want to use these everywhere?!


Danielle: The playful and colorful Keidos tile collection by MUT Design was inspired by kaleidoscopes. Four tile pieces with irregular segments allow for thousands of combinations in a variety of color palettes.

Lindsay: I love this contemporary twist on a live edge table. The Stitched Table by Uhuru Design is built around a one of a kind, hardwood slab. It's naturally occurring split is held together and reinforced by X-shaped 'stitches.' The stitches and matching frame come in a variety of finish colors and create a stark contrast with the wood. 

Debra: These Cement Series side tables by MMaterial would be so useful in so many spaces! MMaterial designer Fernando Mastrangelo has been using unique casting materials as part of his sculpture practice for over a decade. In his new line of sculptural furniture, he re-contextualizes form and function, bringing together indoor and outdoor materials.


Julia: It's no secret that I am a huge fan of 3Form and their newest collection does not disappoint. Three layers of Chroma are fused together to create a bright and exciting table top with a gradating knife edge. It's such a unique way to use an already amazing product.

Lindsay: It's always exciting to discover new products! Designheure came in to our office recently to present their unique collection of lighting. One of my favorite lines was Nuage designed by Herve Langlais which includes floorlamps, sconces and pendants. Designheure has a vast collection of beautiful fabrics, finishes and cords allowing each piece to be customizable.


Danielle: Benjamin Shine uses tulle to form these amazing sculptural portraits. This installation, 'The Dance' explores ideas of impermanence and the fleeting moment, which are conveyed through the inherent qualities of the delicate tulle material. 


Danielle: My Favorite Sweater by Intuittex blends handcrafted technologies together in this extremely textured fabric. The coloration is proprietary and each piece is unique.  

Julia: Summer is here, the weather is warming up and the parties are moving outside! Outdoor lighting is so often relegated to landscape uplights and twinkling string lights. Some unexpected outdoor decorative fixtures can really add a layer of interest to your outdoor space. Right now I am loving the Plis Outdoor floorlamp by Vibia. This traditional silhouette is elevated by a simplified design and there is something whimsical about seeing what is typically an indoor item in an outdoor space.

Susan:  These lit sheers by Intuittex provide the ultimate wow factor!

Lindsay: I love these fun and colorful lighting cords from Color Cords. Their huge selection of cords includes neon, shine and tweed just to name a few. The custom possibilities are endless and this unexpected accent can really add to the design of any space.


Lindsay: The Bandas Space by Patricia Urquiola has been on my radar for a while and I loved it even more once I saw it in person at HD Expo.  This modular system can be adapted to any personality, space and mood by mixing and matching the seating components with 'rugs' which attach to the furniture with velcro. The rugs can be switched out at any time allowing you to change the appearance of your space at any time. 

Debra: The Cloud by David Trubridge is a seemingly weightless cloud-like pendant make from a spiral twisting skin. This fixture is perfect to use as feature pendant in a lobby or public space.

Debra_May Faves.jpg

Julia: My favorite new find from HD Expo was Allison Eden Studios. Allison creates handmade custom glass mosaics that can add an extra layer of glam to your interior. Every project is unique and her designs range from bright and quirky, to sophisticated and sultry. When you need that extra special wall finish, this could be the perfect solution. 

Susan: GEMMS Marcasite by Natural Veneers are feather light wood mosaics inspired by the traditional Japanese art of folding paper to create unique shapes and figures.


Our favorites from BD West 2016!

Julia: One of my favorite new finds from BD West was Garden On The Wall. These amazing plant installations maintain their fresh cut appearance for 7-10 years without any irrigation or sunlight. Through their non-toxic preservation process, the plants are in a sense mummified, which is how they stay looking so fresh without any maintenance. All of their projects are custom and there is a large variety of plants to choose from, so the possibilities are endless. Garden On The Wall is definitely unique and I look forward to incorporating their living walls into future projects. 

Danielle: The details on the furniture at Moroso's booth were stunning! I particularly loved the Mathida Chair designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Susan: JVA premiered their new line of Live Interactive Digital Artwork which is perfect for hotel applications! We are getting more and more requests for interactive artwork, especially in lobbies and public areas. The viewer has the option to interact with and customize the artwork in this cutting edge, innovative solution. Click play below to see the artwork in action!

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Danielle: Yes, finally! Cinier has has solved the problem of unsightly fan coil units by transforming them into beautiful works of art. Greencor is a two-pipe wall mounted unit with top energy-efficient heating & cooling fan coil technology that is highly decorative and suitable for commercial applications. 

Julia: Convenience outlets might not be the most exciting thing we specify. however they are absolutely necessary and guests have come to expect that they will not need to look far for all of their charging needs. These plugs from Mockett (Model PCS75) add a fun and exciting flair to an otherwise mundane design feature. They can be incorporated into casegoods or upholstery pieces and with both neutral and bright color options, they can be utilized in almost any interior. 

Lindsay: This console is perfectly chic and it's unusual pale pastel color makes it the perfect accent piece for a lobby or public area. It is the Kiltlight 180 Oxid which is part of the Kilt storage series by Asplund and is available in 8 different colors. 

Debra: Relieve a little stress and gain a little creativity with this adult coloring book from Joseedenisecardinal. 'According to psychologists, coloring is the best alternative to meditation. Coloring allows you to unlock your creative potential. Perhaps more important, it helps relieve tension and anxiety.'


Susan: Tratto,  which means traction or stretch in Italian, is an architectural screening system by Spinneybeck. Made of stretched CNC-cut Belting leather, extended to more than twice its length, the screen creates interplay between positive and negative space but does not block light or sight lines.

Julia: The new Scholten & Baijings collection for Maharam is right up my alley. The simple geometric patterns pop with bright neon accents against neutral grounds. The three simple but sophisticated patterns (Bright Angle, Bright Cube -shown- and Bright Grid) lend themselves to more contemporary interiors but could definitely be used to add some punch to any room. 

Debra: I like how distinctive this wood is and that it can stand alone as an interesting piece. These Blue Pine trees are killed by beetles which create it's dramatic color and pattern.

Lindsay:  These Float Tables by Pinch Design have an eye catching combination  of colored bases and oak tops. Hand turned and individually stained, they are inspired by fisherman's floats and remind of me recent island vacation. Summer vibes in January!

Lindsay_Jan Faves.jpg


Julia: This month I am loving the Sassuolo Stone Tones collection from Ceramic Technics. This tile collection of mostly 3 x 12 tiles includes 8 different colors in both glossy and matte finishes as well as 4 different deco patterns. With so much versatility, this is a great tile option for almost any interior.

Lindsay: I can't resist bright colorful accents for interiors so I love these fun candy-colored Snowdrop pendants by Stone Designs. Inspired by flowers of the same name, these lights deliver charm and character to any room.

Debra: November I am into screens! There are so many interesting screen patterns for all kinds of uses like these selections from Razortooth Design


Debra: Xgonen porcelain surfacing design by DEFERRARI + MODESTI Studio. An interlocking system that allows almost infinite compositional possibilities. The color palette of nine complementary hues, two patterns, and five module shapes/sizes allows ultimate control to create unique, impactful designs. The tiles can be applied to both floors and walls. 

Susan: The Cracked Log Lamp by Duncan Meerding. Made from salvaged logs that would otherwise have been burnt, these lamps embrace rather than avoiding naturally occurring cracks by turning them into a vessel for light. 

Julia: Window films can add both color and texture to an interior while still allowing natural light into the space. This custom glass film by Signbox is bold and energetic while still creating privacy for a conference room. 

Danielle: Falling into fall but keeping a foot in summer with this Woodspire Turquoise Dream glass mosaic mural by Artaic.

Lindsay: The Bay chair by Nienkamper is a perfect alternative to traditional lounge seating. It's molded shell boasts maximum comfort with a minimal footprint. Fun, distinctive and versatile, the Bay is available fully upholstered, veneer wrapped, or in laminate or painted finishes. Use mix and match fabrics to bring color and excitement to your space!


Danielle: Mix up you mosaics with the unexpected! Even with just black and white tiles, by integrating different shapes you can create dynamic yet timeless patterns. Use something like this for inspiration on your next project. 

Julia: The new Metallics collection from 3 Form is really beautiful. When you need that extra layer of luxury, this can be the perfect solution. 

Lindsay: The new Crystalline wallcovering collection from Astek draws inspiration from the depths of the earth. Crystals and natural forms create stunning effects, multifaceted surfaces and gradient hues. Here is a selection of the designs since I just can't pick a favorite!


Debra: July flew by without us having a chance to post to our blog. If you're as busy as us, you'll need these tips: 'Zen in Your Office' 

Julia: The Fiberglass Duck from Goldleaf has long been a favorite of our office. However, it recently got a luxurious upgrade with the addition of a gilded finish option. What better way to add some whimsy to your interior than a giant (34" x 25") gold duck!

Lindsay: The Fjord H Chair by Patricia Urquiola is extra beautiful in this ombre blue and white version inspired by a piece of seashell which has been broken and smoothed by waves. 

Danielle: Frequency Cabinet by Mattia Bonetti, whose statement furniture pieces blur the lines between art and design. Made of clear acrylic and gold-plated brass. 


Susan: Tanzanite, Gemms Collection in Blue by Natural Veneers. A mix of high grade translucent resin mixed with wood veneer in variable tile sizes. 

Danielle: Archimedes Steel Collection by Matthew Shively. Hand made tables in solid steel with an inset marble top.

Lindsay: Globe Pendant by Tsunami Glassworks. Each piece is unique and available in a variety of colors. Lighting is one of my favorite aspects of interior design and I especially love this color blend that has such a magical feel.  

Julia: It's an exciting challenge to find new ways to bring local inspiration into our interiors. Voice Art provides a unique medium through which to express regional taste. These visual interpretations or audio recordings function as modern artwork with a great story to tell. Think of a BB King classic in Memphis or an Elvis Presley hit in Las Vegas. The custom colors and frames make these a versatile addition to contemporary interiors.