Susan: Tanzanite, Gemms Collection in Blue by Natural Veneers. A mix of high grade translucent resin mixed with wood veneer in variable tile sizes. 

Danielle: Archimedes Steel Collection by Matthew Shively. Hand made tables in solid steel with an inset marble top.

Lindsay: Globe Pendant by Tsunami Glassworks. Each piece is unique and available in a variety of colors. Lighting is one of my favorite aspects of interior design and I especially love this color blend that has such a magical feel.  

Julia: It's an exciting challenge to find new ways to bring local inspiration into our interiors. Voice Art provides a unique medium through which to express regional taste. These visual interpretations or audio recordings function as modern artwork with a great story to tell. Think of a BB King classic in Memphis or an Elvis Presley hit in Las Vegas. The custom colors and frames make these a versatile addition to contemporary interiors.