Susan: Tratto,  which means traction or stretch in Italian, is an architectural screening system by Spinneybeck. Made of stretched CNC-cut Belting leather, extended to more than twice its length, the screen creates interplay between positive and negative space but does not block light or sight lines.

Julia: The new Scholten & Baijings collection for Maharam is right up my alley. The simple geometric patterns pop with bright neon accents against neutral grounds. The three simple but sophisticated patterns (Bright Angle, Bright Cube -shown- and Bright Grid) lend themselves to more contemporary interiors but could definitely be used to add some punch to any room. 

Debra: I like how distinctive this wood is and that it can stand alone as an interesting piece. These Blue Pine trees are killed by beetles which create it's dramatic color and pattern.

Lindsay:  These Float Tables by Pinch Design have an eye catching combination  of colored bases and oak tops. Hand turned and individually stained, they are inspired by fisherman's floats and remind of me recent island vacation. Summer vibes in January!

Lindsay_Jan Faves.jpg