Danielle: Yes, finally! Cinier has has solved the problem of unsightly fan coil units by transforming them into beautiful works of art. Greencor is a two-pipe wall mounted unit with top energy-efficient heating & cooling fan coil technology that is highly decorative and suitable for commercial applications. 

Julia: Convenience outlets might not be the most exciting thing we specify. however they are absolutely necessary and guests have come to expect that they will not need to look far for all of their charging needs. These plugs from Mockett (Model PCS75) add a fun and exciting flair to an otherwise mundane design feature. They can be incorporated into casegoods or upholstery pieces and with both neutral and bright color options, they can be utilized in almost any interior. 

Lindsay: This console is perfectly chic and it's unusual pale pastel color makes it the perfect accent piece for a lobby or public area. It is the Kiltlight 180 Oxid which is part of the Kilt storage series by Asplund and is available in 8 different colors. 

Debra: Relieve a little stress and gain a little creativity with this adult coloring book from Joseedenisecardinal. 'According to psychologists, coloring is the best alternative to meditation. Coloring allows you to unlock your creative potential. Perhaps more important, it helps relieve tension and anxiety.'