Danielle: My Favorite Sweater by Intuittex blends handcrafted technologies together in this extremely textured fabric. The coloration is proprietary and each piece is unique.  

Julia: Summer is here, the weather is warming up and the parties are moving outside! Outdoor lighting is so often relegated to landscape uplights and twinkling string lights. Some unexpected outdoor decorative fixtures can really add a layer of interest to your outdoor space. Right now I am loving the Plis Outdoor floorlamp by Vibia. This traditional silhouette is elevated by a simplified design and there is something whimsical about seeing what is typically an indoor item in an outdoor space.

Susan:  These lit sheers by Intuittex provide the ultimate wow factor!

Lindsay: I love these fun and colorful lighting cords from Color Cords. Their huge selection of cords includes neon, shine and tweed just to name a few. The custom possibilities are endless and this unexpected accent can really add to the design of any space.