Susan: The new Art of Board Black & White Collection is made up of eight new tiles, each with its own black and white designed image. The design was derived from reclaimed skateboard decks that Imagine Tile describes as "street meets chic!"

Susan image 2.jpg

Susan: Where light meets art! Flos Architectural exhibits Michael Anastassiades' new collection, Arrangements a modular system composed of geometric lights that can be combined and interchanged in a variety of ways. Each light can be attached to the previous one, thus forming a chain of lights. 

Susan 3.png

Danielle: When my love for music and design join forces! Thanks to Archiproducts' wooden sideboard with built in speakers! Designed by Paolo Capello, the Caruso sideboard allows you to play music from your smartphone via its own App!

Danielle 2.png

Erika: I love products that are aesthetically pleasing as well as eco-friendly, which is why I love the chair charlie! This kid's chair is made up of 100% recycled plastic from children's toys, along with the rest of their products. EcoBirdy separates their plastic by color to ensure an original and unique look for each product, they also have their own school program to teach children about contributing to a sustainable future. 

Erika 2.jpg

Chylyse: This reception desk is located at the Morpheus Hotel in Macau. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the hotel along with the reception desk is an example of creativity and functionality combined into one design. Love the relationship between geometry, marble and light + Functionality and Purpose!

Chylyse 2.jpg

Debra: Fun swing! I love the scale and the simplicity, along with the leather and metal combination. The Equus swing by Lumifer is both beautiful as well as practical, and can be used in both an indoor or outdoor environment.