Julia: An amazing female engineer turned furniture designer making floating tables... definitely the formula for interior design excellence. Jessica Banks is pushing the boundaries of both design and physics with her innovative magnetic Float Tables. These tables are created by wooden blocks that appear to levitate through the use of magnets and steel cables. The table deforms and re-stabilizes when force is applied.... if ever there was a magic table, this is it! Check it out for yourself! 

Danielle: The Hanami pendant designed by Adriano Rachele for Slamp was inspired by flowering cherry blossoms. The LED fixture is made of Lentiflex. an unbreakable material whose luxurious transparency mimics a diamond but is versatile, highly durable, lightweight and easily cleanable

Lindsay: The Nanoleaf Aurora is a modular smart lighting panel system that can be operated with your smartphone, your voice, or the included controller. Each lightweight panel can be mounted to any flat surface (including walls, tables or ceilings) in any configuration. The Aurora light kit includes nine interlocking triangular lights and multiple kits can be combined for large scale light designs. The lights come with pre-set scenes such as 'awake' and relaxed' as seen below but options are limitless with the ability to create and save your own lighting palattes and animations. Anyone else want to use these everywhere?!