Debra:  The Symbiosis by Desnahemisfera is a beautiful combination of function and form.  This stunning bathtub curves up on one side to a form a sink basin.  All of the plumbing fixtures are concealed withing the monolithic base making it stunning from all angles.  The tub also features touch controls for temperature and water pressure as well as built in bluetooth speakers.

Susan: Aqua Creations make some gorgeous sculptural light fixtures that are definite attention grabbers in a public space.  The new Zooid Collection is no exception.  Fractured forms come together to create dramatic shapes that have great movement.

Danielle: Guestroom technology is constantly trying to keep up with guest's needs and demands.  Soundwall is the next evolution in interactive guestroom technology.  These flat panel speakers already have some amazing features such as bluetooth capabilities for guests to stream their own music, integrated TV audio, WiFi amplification, and automatic nightlight sensors when guests get up during the night.  However more amazing features are still to come.  Soon guests will be able to speak to Soundwall and interact with hotel services such as room service and wake up calls, motion sensors will enable custom welcome greetings, and more.   All of this is concealed behind beautiful art panels that can be changed out and customized to fit the rooms evolving design scheme.

Julia: The new Brixx collection from Dedon was on display at BDWest this year and I absolutly fell in love with it.  This modular system has a retro color scheme and a playful silhouette.  The bolsters and backrests are conveniently movable but they are also weighted so they don't get blown away or easily knocked off by guests.  I was told that new colors and COM options are on the way, but for now this is a great addition to any outdoor space.